Yes, each cremation takes place individually and is given a unique cremation reference number. You can be sure that the ashes you receive are those of your loved one.

Yes, it is the same service that would be held in church. You have a choice of hymns for the service.

Funerals are VAT exempt. All quotations from Bradburys Funeral Directors include every cost.

Yes. You will need to arrange for ground purchase. You can purchase a plot for one, two or three people. This needs to be arranged before the burial of the first of the people that wish to be buried together.

These are the fees that need to be paid in order that a funeral can take place. This will include the fees of the minister and the civic centre fees.

All quotations are provided free of charge. You can either contact us or use our online quotation tool to work out the cost of a funeral.

Cremation is the most popular option and is usually cheaper than a burial. If you wish to have a graveside service then you must choose the burial option. Burials take place within 3 to 4 days of the deceased passing away, cremations within 4 to 5 days, depending on availability at your selected service venue.

A funeral can be held on any day Monday to Saturday. Saturday funeral costs are usually about 50% higher than those held during the week.

A funeral can take place in any location of your choice. It is most commonly held in the area in which the deceased was a resident. However, you may choose to hold the funeral in another UK location. There are additional fees to pay if the funeral is held in an area other than that to which the deceased paid their council tax.

Any type of religious service can be arranged.

We can, collect the deceased or arrange repatriation from anywhere in the world.

Bradburys can help you to arrange donations to your nominated charity.