Unattended Direct Cremation


An Unattended Direct Cremation is where, when instructed, we liaise with the location of the deceased and arrange all necessary legal paperwork in order to carry out the cremation. We convey the deceased to our private mortuary and chapel of rest, where we take care of your loved one until the day of the cremation. We shall be in contact with the Next of Kin prior to any cremation in order that the legal paperwork can be completed and in order to inform them of the day of the cremation (in case they wish to hold a wake or have a toast for the deceased). On the day of the cremation we transport the deceased in a suitable coffin to the Crematorium to facilitate the cremation. We then, some days later return to the crematorium to collect the ashes of the deceased (when the ashes have been requested) otherwise they shall be strewn in the crematorium grounds. We regularly liaise with the Next of Kin in order that they know what is happening and where their loved one is at every step of the process. Once the cremation has taken place and we have collected the ashes we then make arrangements for the ashes to be collected from our chapel of rest. At every step of the cremation we are available on our normal contact details to answer any questions that you may have regarding the direct cremation of your loved one. All costs for any type of Direct Cremation must be paid for upon booking as per our terms and conditions.

Walkthrough Direct Cremation


A Walkthrough Direct Cremation is similar to an Unattended Direct Cremation with one difference, on a Walkthrough Direct Cremation, up to 6 people may attend the cremation and walk behind the coffin with no music or service to watch the curtains being closed. Once the Curtains are closed the people in attendance shall be asked to walk out of the crematorium. All other legal needs and processes shall be adhered to as in the Direct Cremation listed here on our website. Due to having to use a specified Crematorium and the crematorium set up for attendees there is an additional charge for this process. All costs for any type of Direct Cremation must be paid for upon booking as per our terms and conditions.